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Friday, February 19th, 2010

I use the Internet but hardly ever think about the fact that it is all code.

I know the code is there – if you ask me if it exists, I’ll gladly tell you it does – but, it makes me anxious to see it there in front of me, despoiling my fun-land of uploaded pictures for family and friends.

The code is yucky and blunt.

Like a bloody finger, it reminds me of how real things can be.

So, I tolerate code.

I allow it to exist, but only if it stays in its own worlds – away from my

If I see it in my surf, we’ll each acknowledge the other, but anxiously, tolerantly – unknown to the other – each assuming the other’s world is unfortunately, but necessarily incompatible with our own.

We should each get to know the other better.

This is politics.