Five ways that one can talk about “Post Internet”:

1. New Media art made after the launch of the World Wide Web and, thus, the introduction of mainstream culture to the Internet.

2. Marisa Olson’s definition: Art made after one’s use of the Internet. “The yield” of her surfing and computer use, as she describes it.

3. Art responding to a general cultural condition that may also be described as “Post Internet” – when the Internet is less a novelty and more a banality.

4. What Guthrie Lonergan described as “Internet Aware” – or when the photo of the art object is more widely dispersed than the object itself.

5. Art from the Internet world that mutates to the conventions of the art world. As the work mutates itself to become more like art world art, the work mutates art world art to become more like the Internet.


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