Behind technological change, there is anxiety.

When one thing doesn’t work, the system is designed to come up with a new one that is supposed to work, but inevitably won’t work. 12We don’t typically mind if the technology doesn’t work because it is all done in the name of Progress.

We are going somewhere.

The whole time, though, we think we’re heading towards utopia and, in fact, we’re headed towards The End. The addiction to technology and change blinds us to the effects of these changes on the Earth. Pollution derived from technological progress is gradually turning the planet into a trash dump. What our blind faith in these cycles of change and forced obsolescence may mean is an avoidance of the anxiety that there is no answer or that if there is, it’s really, really difficult and requires a sacrifice. Every step of the way there are deeper anxieties about, say, death or dealing with other human beings in a serious way that are avoided.

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